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How to Manage Different Variations Using Listing Splits
How to Manage Different Variations Using Listing Splits

How to group products differently between channels

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It's not uncommon to want to group products differently on different channels. Sometimes by choice, and sometimes by requirement. For example, Amazon allows unlimited variations per listing, but Shopify allows a max of 100. Similarly, you may want all your products on the same listing on Amazon, but single listings on your webstore. Listing splits allows you to set up your listings this way. Note: To leverage this functionality, you should have the larger group managed in Zentail and then "split" the group into smaller or individual webstore listings.

Creating a Split Listing

First, ensure you have the largest possible group in Zentail (example: pivoting by both size and color with all possible variants). Then open the product's side panel > scroll down to the webstore > click 'Advanced Options' > click 'Manage Listing'.

That will open a dialog like this:

If you were to list this product as is, it would create a listing using both size and color as the variation themes on Shopify. However, let's say you'd prefer to have each color as it's own listing that varies by size only. You would uncheck 'Is Pivot' for color. This keeps size as a pivot, but splits the different colors into their own listings:

Similarly, if you uncheck both then each size and color combo would be its own listing.

Send As

You can enter text in the 'Send As' field to use a value other than the attributes name. For instance, you could enter 'Shirt Size' to have that show as the drop-down option instead of 'Size'.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are titles handled?

By default, Zentail will take the group title and append the non-pivot to the end. For example, if we have shirts that vary by size and color, the original (grouped listing) title would be "Super Soft Shirts". If split by color, one of the new listings could be "Super Soft Shirts (Blue)". If they were split to single listings then the title for one of the listings would be "Super Soft Shirts (Blue, Small)". To override this, use the Shopify Title Override. Best practice is to fill it in for all SKUs on the group.

How are descriptions handled?

Same as titles, see above!

How are images handled?

SKUs not in the group will not have their picture sent to that group. For instance, red pictures will not be sent to the split off blue group. If Group Shares Images is selected it’s likely best practice to remove that option.

How can I split listings in bulk?

If attempting to split an entire catalog or a large number of groups, please open up a chat and speak with support.

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