So far 2020 has been unprecedented to say the least. However, these trying times have not stopped us from our daily work of improving Zentail and bringing users up to speed with the latest changes and upgrades. Below you will find a selection of the improvements we've made. If you have any questions or simply wish to learn more, please don't hesitate to contact our Support team.

New User Tutorials

A number of tutorials on the daily operation in Zentail can be found in the Resource Center at the bottom right of all Zentail pages. These guides can simply be a refresher for an experienced user or an orientation series for new users. Just click on the Resource Center icon on the bottom right corner of any Zentail page and select Training to see the different modules.

The training content offered in the Resource Center will change depending on which page you currently have open, i.e Catalog, Purchase Orders, etc.

New Internal Attributes

Ever wish you could track your products based on attributes that you define but aren't existing channel attributes or aren't included within our platform? In Zentail, this is now possible. Such attributes are called Internal Attributes.

Internal Attributes can be used in Import Export, QuickEdit, Bulk Actions, Automation Rules, API, and custom routing rules.

More information can be found on Internal Attributes HERE.

SKU-Level Product Data Controls for Shopify and BigCommerce

Normally, the sending of product data is controlled on your Integration Settings page. However, it is also possible to override this per SKU via the Advanced Options section.

More information on these settings can be found HERE.

eBay Description Template Editor

Previously the only way to edit an eBay template was to submit your modified template to the Support team, and they would then in turn create a service ticket so that engineering could add your new template. You can now add and edit your eBay template directly within your integration settings, anytime you like, without delay. More information on this can be found HERE.

Wish Tags Override

Previously when sending tags to Wish you had to limit your tags to all channels to only 10. We've now added a Tag Override field in your Wish integration’s Advanced Options. This will let you control which 10 tags are sent to Wish without disrupting the other channels' tag lists.

QuickEdit Display of Boolean Fields

QuickEdit will treat Boolean fields without a true or false value as Blank. This allows you to filter QuickEdit columns using “Is Blank” to filter for items that are missing one or more attributes. This will help make filling in missing attributes in bulk much quicker!

Performance Optimizations

Additional work has been done on the back end to improve the speed and responsiveness of the platform as a whole. This should be most noticeable for accounts with large catalogs.

New Name Field on Purchase Orders

It is now possible to name Purchase Orders that you create within Zentail. Previously each PO would be assigned an ID which meant you had to edit a PO to see what was included in it. Now you can name POs whatever you'd like so that sorting through them is much easier than in prior releases.

If you have not yet begun to take advantage of Purchase Orders, there is more information covering them HERE.

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