It’s been an action-packed couple of months here at Zentail, and we have a number of great new tools and features to share with you.  As always, we’re laser-focused on enabling you to manage all your processes as efficiently as possible.  To that end you’ll be pleased to know that image reordering is now much easier and managing your eBay custom template is simpler as well.  In addition, there are ongoing refinements to Purchase Orders and the entire Inventory Planning Suite all geared to centralizing your inventory management workflow and taking advantage of Demand Forecasting.  To top things off, an exciting new marketplace, Rakuten, is now accessible via a new Zentail app. To learn about these and other recent improvements, read on! 

Reordering Images

Have you been wanting a simple way to change the order of your product images right in the user interface? In the Catalog view, you can now easily reorder images 1-8 by clicking on the new arrow buttons to move a given image up or down in order. Once your changes are made, be sure to click “Save”!   Read more about image management.

Sell on Rakuten with Zentail’s New App

Zentail now offers an add-on app to integrate with the emerging Rakuten marketplace.  Rakuten is a unique marketplace experience for customers with a focus on cash back and rewards points to drive customer loyalty across the Rakuten ecosystem.  At this time, sellers who are approved to sell on Rakuten through Zentail will get two extra bonuses: per-item commission fees will be waived and each merchant will be assigned an account manager for personalized support and access to exclusive deals and promotions. 

eBay Custom Templates

You can now directly add or edit the eBay template directly on the eBay integration pages in Zentail. Just go to Account > Integration Settings and select your eBay integration card. In the Product Description Template area, you can access the CSS style sheet and HTML of your custom template to make modifications.  For more information about custom templates for eBay, read How to Implement a Custom eBay Template

Purchase Order Updates

Zentail is continuing to improve the Purchase Orders functionality for you. To make it easier to keep track of existing POs, you can now give them names that will make it quick to identify them whenever you need to make updates. In addition, an Add All button in the Catalog Explorer means it’s a snap to add multiple items to a purchase order. Read more about How to Manage Purchase Orders in Zentail.  

Dropship Warehouse Setting

If you have a warehouse set up for dropshipping (or plan to create one), you’ll want to know about the new checkbox on each warehouse page in Account Settings > Settings.  By checking the Dropship Warehouse box, you can ensure that the inventory added to a dropship warehouse is excluded from Zentail’s Demand Forecasting calculations and purchasing recommendations. Check out the Account Settings Overview for more information about managing your warehouses in Zentail. 

Amazon Buy Shipping

In case you missed the announcement in January, did you know that you can now purchase and generate shipping labels for your Amazon orders (including Seller Fulfilled Prime orders) right from Zentail?  This is a great way to offer shipping solutions that can meet your delivery promise to customers and safeguard performance metrics. Once you’ve enrolled in the Amazon Buy Shipping program there are just a few steps to take in Zentail, and then you’ll be ready to go!  Find out more about setting up Amazon Buy Shipping through Zentail

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