A Quick Overview

Rakuten includes many facets and has a comprehensive ecosystem which includes internet services, ride-sharing, digital content, and more! See the graphic below for a high-level overview. 

The Rakuten Marketplace has over 900 merchants and brands, 20 million products, over 14 key categories, and 3.4 million registered members. Their marketplace is 68% male and 32% female, with the majority of users falling in the 35-64 year old age group. 

Why sell on Rakuten with Zentail? 

There are a few major bonuses that some Zentail users may see by integrating with Rakuten (further approval based on compliance and bandwidth is required, this does not guarantee every Zentail user will receive these benefits). 

  • Rakuten may waive the $0.99 per item commission fee. Commission is normally $0.99 plus revenue share, however some Zentail merchants may have the $0.99 waived saving you $0.99 in fees per product. 
  • Zentail merchants may receive an Account Manager from Rakuten who will be available readily for personalized support . 
  • Access to specialized promotions and deals, including: 

Daily Emails, Dedicated Emails and Category Emails

Site Placements, Home Page Promotion, Deal Page Slider, Category Page Banner

Miscellaneous campaigns 

Rakuten offers a unique marketplace experience for your customers where they can receive "Rakuten Super Points" and earn cash back as they shop. This provides for more incentive for Rakuten shoppers to save while they shop. Rakuten Rewards and Rakuten Marketplace now have a single sign in on Rakuten.com 

Also, product pages now include cash back information as well 


  • See how to get started with Rakuten Marketplace here
  • Visit the Rakuten Marketplace here 
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