Welcome to the new decade! As you might have noticed, in commemoration of the new year Zentail has a new look. The navigation bar at the top now drops down related menu options on hover, or you can click on the top level to go directly to that page. This means options like QuickEdit, Import / Export, the Pricing and Inventory views as well as Automation are all one click away!  We hope that one single toolbar streamlines your day-to-day processes on Zentail.

Speaking of Automation, have you explored our Bulk Actions and Automation suite? Managing your product data en masse is now even easier. IIf you’re unfamiliar with these tools, read more about Bulk Actions and Automation Rules.

New API Endpoint

If you are using our Open API we now have a new endpoint for you to use! You can now get information on an Inbound Shipment and create new Inbound Shipments.  To learn more, take a look at the Zentail Developer Portal InboundShipment endpoint (up at the top!)

Amazon Buy Shipping through Zentail

The Amazon Buy Shipping program is a great way to offer shipping solutions that can meet your delivery promise to customers and safeguard performance metrics, which is especially important for those participating in Seller-Fulfilled Prime. Did you know that you can now purchase and generate shipping labels for your Amazon orders right from Zentail? Once you’ve enrolled in the Amazon Buy Shipping program there are just a few steps to take in Zentail, and then you’ll be able to purchase labels and ship your orders directly from Zentail.  

Purchase Orders 

Additionally, we have a brand new beta program around creating Purchase Orders. Use Zentail to easily search your SKUs by vendor, create a purchase order PDF or .csv for that specific vendor, and automate creating an inbound shipment. If you are interested in being part of this beta program, please reach out to [email protected]. We appreciate your feedback!

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