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How to Contact Walmart Support
How to Contact Walmart Support

This article explains the best method to contact Walmart support and methods of speeding up response time.

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As a normal part of troubleshooting, Zentail Support staff may request that you submit a ticket regarding an issue with a certain channel to that channel's support directly. Normally this is done in addition to Support staff filing a ticket about the same issue on your behalf from Zentail, the primary use is to reduce how long the delay is for a reply from Walmart, but also to increase attention on the case.

Walmart Support may reply back to you with a request for more information, please feel free to request our assistance with this! 

NOTE: It is important to reply back to all of their inquiries within 24 hours or they may prematurely close your case.

To contact Walmart support directly, use the following link:

Generally the sections you will need are: Integration Questions or Issues, API, API Errors or Something Not Listed. 

When you're prompted to "Describe the problem" try to keep it to 1 or 2 sentences. The next step is when you'll be prompted to actually open a case.

NOTE: Walmart takes between 2-3 business days to reply in most cases.

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