As a normal part of troubleshooting, Zentail Support staff may request that you submit a ticket regarding an issue with a certain channel to that channel's support directly. Normally this is done in addition to Support staff filing a ticket about the same issue on your behalf from Zentail, the primary use is to reduce how long the delay is for a reply from Amazon, but also to increase attention on the case.

Amazon may reply back to you with a request for more information, please feel free to request our assistance with this! 

NOTE: It is important to reply back to all of their inquiries within 24 hours or they may prematurely close your case.

To contact Amazon Seller Central support directly, use the following link:

To reduce the number of back-and-forth messages with their support, it is wise to include the full text of any listing or channel errors you are currently seeing for that channel, as well as a relevant SKU, Feed ID, Batch ID or Order ID.

If you are reaching out about a Feed issue, then the Feed Id can be found next to Last Submission when viewing the feed messages for a SKU on that channel:

If you are reaching out about a specific order, then the Amazon Order ID can be found by selecting an Order in Zentail:

NOTE: Amazon takes between 2-3 business days to reply in most cases.

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