As you're busy winding up Q3 of 2019, Zentail is unveiling some exciting new features that will give you a running start into Q4. 

Our new features let you streamline your reporting processes, add your products to competitive eBay buy-box listings and customize variant bullet points to optimize listings on Amazon or Walmart!  Read on to learn more about these and other recent improvements.

Scheduled Reports

Streamline your workflow by scheduling inventory reports, profitability reports, or any other reports that you run on a regular basis.  You can choose to schedule reports on a number of time increments, including daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.  To learn more about how to leverage this Zentail feature, read Creating Scheduled Reports.  

Variant Specific Bullet Points

Have you ever wanted to customize the bullet points for each of the variants in a product group so they look great on Amazon or Walmart?  If so, you'll be happy to know that this can now be managed directly from Zentail.  Read more about how to use this new feature—it's easy to do, whether in bulk or on a SKU-by-SKU basis 

Amazon Footwear Updates

Amazon dropped new footwear size requirements aimed at improving the customer experience for buying shoes, and if sellers don’t comply their shoe listings will be removed.  The good news is that once you make a few small changes to your data Zentail will send all of the many new required attributes to Amazon.  If you sell shoes on Amazon, click here to learn more about these changes and how to comply with Amazon's changes.  

Competitive eBay Listings

If you want to list to eBay’s new competitive listings, this new feature is one that you'll want to take advantage of!  Similar to an ASIN on Amazon, eBay Product ID (ePID) is the global reference number that eBay uses for multi-seller product listings.  You can now define a product's corresponding ePID directly in Zentail to map your product to the right competitive listing.  Check out this article for more information about the ePID field and listing to eBay buy-box listings from Zentail. 

Support for multiple BigCommerce categories

You can now add your SKUs to three (or more) BigCommerce categories. This involves some slight workflow adjustments. Check out the new method to add BigCommerce categories to your SKUs here!

Wish Express

Wish Express is a program that offers express shipping to your customers on  Products that can meet delivery deadlines in designated regions are eligible to be part of the Wish Express Program.  Participating merchants will receive benefits like greater visibility of your listings.  

Update to Walmart Credentials

Zentail has implemented Walmart's new OAuth integration method. Walmart Marketplace is enforcing this change across all merchants. If you haven't already, make sure to switch from the old Consumer ID and Private Key to the new preferred method!

As always, we welcome your feedback via chat or email ([email protected]).  
Happy selling!

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