Just in time for the busy holiday selling season, Zentail is dropping new features geared toward empowering you to manage your catalog more efficiently and effectively.   First, there's an expanded set of possible actions in the Bulk Actions suite, including Automation Rules:  the added ability to schedule an action to repeat on a regular interval.  Channel attributes are now available through QuickEdit and Import/Export.  You can now both create kits and clone in bulk via Import/Export. Finally, you'll want to check out two brand new tools:  QuickFix for easily knocking out simple list errors, and Activity Log for researching the history of changes made in the Zentail platform.  Read on to learn more!

Automation Rules (Scheduled Bulk Actions)

Zentail's expanded set of bulk actions (also called "automation rules") includes several powerful tools that enable you to automatically edit a group of products on a regularly scheduled interval or a one-time basis.  For example, you could change prices for all SKUs of a specific brand every week, set quantity in a specific warehouse for Walmart 2-day shipping every four hours, or update and push a subset of your catalog to a channel every month. To learn more about scheduled bulk actions, read about bulk actions and automation rules or creating scheduled reports.   

Channel Attributes via QuickEdit and Import/Export

In each product category there are hundreds of possible channel attributes. To streamline your catalog management and avoid cluttering up the edit product view, Zentail displays the most frequently used SMART attributes in the product edit view. But if the default SMART attribute selections don't include a channel attribute you need, no worries!  Zentail has now made all channel attributes accessible through QuickEdit and via Import/Export. To learn more check out this help article.

Kits Template for Bulk Creation or Reports 

If you've ever wanted to create kits in bulk or to pull a report of all the kits, multipacks and bundles across your catalog, you'll be happy to know that there's now a template allowing  you to do both of these things. The new predefined kits template can be found in the “Product Data” folder on your Import/Export page under "Run Existing Report.”  Check out the video guide below on how to use it, or visit the help article here

Clone in Bulk via Import

As you may know, cloning is a great way to quickly create a new SKU for a product that's very similar to an existing SKU in your catalog.  Now it's possible to create clone SKUs in bulk via Import/Export as well as one at a time via the user interface.  Find out more about How to Clone a SKU.  

Activity Log

If you've ever wondered about the history of changes made in Zentail, this new tool is just what you were looking for.  This filterable table allows you to track updates to product data, inventory, and orders made by users, integrations, import, and the Zentail system.  Check out this help article for information about the Activity Log and how to use it.  

As always, we welcome your feedback via chat or email ([email protected]).  
Happy selling!

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