Wish Express is a program that offers express shipping to customers. Products that can meet the orders delivering deadlines per designated regions are eligible to be part of Wish Express Program.

Note: Items listed to Wish Express must also be listed to Wish.

Please follow the below steps to set up Wish Express through Zentail:

  1. Add a Wish Express integration

  2. Filling Out the Wish Express Integration Page

  3. Best Practices for Wish Express on Zentail

  4. Set SKUs to List to Wish Express

Add a Wish Express integration

Reach out to the Zentail team via chat or [email protected] to add a Wish Express integration to your account.

Your Wish Express integration uses the same credentials as your Wish integration so no further set up is needed!

Wish Express Integrations Page

Access your Wish Express settings by going to the Integrations Page and then clicking on Wish Express. 

1. Warehouse Name: This refers to the name of your express warehouse on Wish. By default, the name of that warehouse is "EXPRESS-US" in Zentail. If you have an existing Express warehouse on Wish, you should change this field to match the name of your Express warehouse. 

2. The Master Wish Integration ID: This refers to the ID of your regular Wish account. You can get this ID by clicking on your Wish integration ID and then checking the URL. The number that is after the "#" in the URL is the integration ID for Wish. Copy that number and paste it into this field on your Wish Express settings. 

Best Practices for Wish Express on Zentail

Here are a few things to consider when enabling Wish Express:

Wish Express Price Override

If you'd like to use different pricing for Wish Express, you can set up a Price Override. This functions the same as any channel price override on Zentail.

Enable / Disable warehouses

You may or may not want inventory at certain warehouses enabled for Wish Express. Make sure you check your Warehouse Settings on the Account Settings page so that your warehouses are enabled, or disabled, for the proper channels.

Order Fulfillment Flow

Consider how you will fulfill your Wish Express orders. If you're using a shipping software, like ShipStation or ShipWorks, you will need to enable Wish Express on the ShipStation or ShipWorks integration page in Zentail in order for orders to flow correctly.

On the Zentail Orders page, Wish Express orders will include an Express badge and will continue to be grouped with your other Wish orders. The Requested Service Level for Wish Express orders will be "WISHEXPRESS"

Set SKUs to List to Wish Express

Enabling SKUs for Wish Express is just like setting SKUs to list for a sales channel on Zentail. You can List any SKU listed to Wish to Wish Express and Zentail will add inventory to your Express warehouse on Wish for those SKUs. By using a price override for Wish Express, you can include the cost of shipping within the item price if appropriate.

Happy selling!

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