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Connect your Zentail account to Walmart Marketplace using the Client ID and Client Secret tokens

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Please follow the below steps to integrate your Zentail account with your Walmart Marketplace account.

All integrations in Zentail are managed on the Integrations page. Here's how to connect your Walmart Marketplace account to Zentail :

  1. Log into your Walmart Developer Center
    - Use the same log-in credentials that you use to log-in to Walmart Seller Center.

  2. Navigate to the API Keys section and use the dropdown to search or select Zentail, then click Add New Key For A Solution Provider:

  3. Give Zentail Full Access for all Feeds / Item Management / Order Management/ Fulfillment / Settings, Rules & Admin:

  4. Next to Zentail, click on API Key to retrieve your Zentail specific Client ID & Client Secret.
    โ€‹*Make sure to use the API Key for Zentail, under the "Solution Provider" section, and not the Production Keys at the top of the page.

  5. In Zentail go to the Integrations page.

  6. On the left sidebar => Click the Walmart option

  7. Copy the Client ID from the Walmart Developer page => Paste it into the Client ID field in Zentail. Copy the Client Secret Key from the Walmart API page => Paste it into the Client Secret field in Zentail.

  8. Click "SAVE SETTINGS"

Please reach out via chat or [email protected] if you have any questions!

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