Zentail and 3PL Central integrate seamlessly. Here's how to connect your 3PL Central account in Zentail:

  1. First, check and make sure that your product SKUs in Zentail align with the SKU names in 3PL Central. 
  2. If the SKUs are aligned, ask a Zentail team member via chat or email ([email protected]) to add 3PL Central to your Integration page
  3. On your Zentail Integrations page, fill in the nececessary credentials from 3PL Central. Click Save Settings.

Now that the integration is complete, the first order that Zentail routes to 3PL Central will establish the connection between the two systems. 

Be sure to monitor these first couple orders and verify on 3PL Central that the order was sent over correctly from Zentail to 3PL Central. 

Someone from the warehouse that uses 3PL Central must also complete this survey, marking 'External API' for question 7 and 'Zentail' as the developer. After this, 3PL Central with provide REST API keys that should be securely provided to Zentail.

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