Can you believe that we’re already at the halfway mark of 2019? Since our last update earlier in the year, Zentail’s development team has been hard at work improving the performance and overall experience of Zentail to help manage your ecommerce business more efficiently and effectively.

Here are the most important updates that you’ll want to check out:

Share Your Feedback in Zentail’s New Ideas Portal

Zentail’s new Ideas Portal makes it easy for you to create a new feature request, vote on an existing one or track the progress of a request as it’s being evaluated by Zentail’s technical team for possible implementation. We value your insights and suggestions about how to make Zentail even better, so bookmark and visit it whenever you have a good idea to share!  

Save Internal Notes on Your SKUs

Leave notes on your SKUs to share with your team!  The new Internal Notes text field is now a part of the product data for each SKU and is great for identifying preferred vendors or reorder reminders for seasonal products.  Rest assured it will never be sent to any channel.  For more information about this field and how to use it, read this article.  

Quickly Export SKUs from a Filtered Catalog

The ‘Catalog’ view has default filters that can be useful for optimizing listings and product data. For example, you can use filters to identify your out-of-stock listings so you know what to reorder or remove from a marketplace.  Now you can download a filtered catalog with just a few clicks of your mouse for quick bulk edits or reporting.  To find out how, check out this article.  

Easily Spell Check Your Product Descriptions

Knowing how important clean data is for a product listing, Zentail now has spell check enabled for text fields.  When you enter text into the title, product description, bullet points or tags fields, Zentail’s new spell checker will underline misspelled words to alert you that a correction may be needed. 

Upload Multiple Images at Once to Google

Zentail now supports the ability to send multiple images to Google instead of just the single, primary image for your SKUs. Check out this article to see how to add images on a per SKU basis or through Import/Export. 

Keep an Eye on Our Beta Features…

  • Shopify enhancements -  includes improved performance and stability. Once the testing period is complete, we’ll roll these updates out to all Zentail users who have a Shopify integration.
  • Amazon Buy Shipping feature for SFP - This new feature will enable you to purchase shipping labels for your Amazon account directly on Zentail.  For more information, check out this article on whether it might be right for you.  
  • Walmart 2-day shipping - To get et a sneak peek of how Zentail will support Walmart’s free 2-day shipping program, read more here.

...and Our Other Platform Enhancements 

  • Improved stability and issue monitoring - In an effort to identify potential issues or performance degradation proactively and get ahead of problems before users are affected, we now have new tools to monitor server performance more effectively.
  • API updates - Several updates have been made to Zentail’s Open API including improved documentation and the ability to cancel orders via API. In addition, MPN (manufacturer’s part number) is now exposed in the Orders API endpoint. 

Questions? Feedback? 

Zentail is here to make ecommerce simple—and we hope our new updates help to do just that.  Let us know what you think by dropping us a message on our product feedback page.  And, as always, you can send us your questions at [email protected]  

Happy selling! 

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