There are all sorts of ecommerce terms, and different channels and softwares use them differently.  This article is meant to help us speak the same language.  Primarily, there are three areas to go over:

  1. Group Terms
  2. Alias Terms
  3. Kit and Bundle Terms

Group Terms

Let's say you have a group of shirts that vary by size and their SKU's are shirt-small, shirt-medium, and shirt large.

  • Master SKU - one of the SKUs in the group used to note that they're grouped together.  For example, if shirt-small is the Master SKU then if shirt-medium and shirt-large would both show shirt-small as the Master SKU so you know they're grouped together.
  • Variant SKU - any SKU in a group that is not a Master SKU.  In this example, shirt-medium and shirt-large are the Variant SKUs in this group.
  • Parent SKU - Zentail does not create a Parent SKU in your catalog.  Instead, you'll have a "Product Group Attributes" tab to manage product data that's shared by the group.
  • Amazon Parent SKU Override - this is a field you can set on the Master SKU if the group already exists on Amazon.  You may have created the shirts group under a "shirts" Parent SKU on Amazon.  As part of your onboarding, your Zentail Implementation Analyst will ensure your Parent SKUs are properly imported.
  • Pivot Attribute - the attribute that differentiates SKUs within the group.  In this example it's size.  This is also known by some channels as the variation theme.

More about Creating and Managing Product Groups.

Alias Terms

An alias is a product that inherits its inventory from another product.  This is used if you have the same product on multiple different listings.

  • Alias SKU - a SKU that inherits its inventory from another SKU.
  • Reference SKU - the SKU that updates the aliases.  Inventory edits should be made here.

Note: whether an order occurs for the Alias SKU or the Reference SKU, both will receive an inventory update.

More about Alias SKUs and How to Create Them.

Kit and Bundle Terms

  • Kit SKU - this is a SKU whose offering is composed of one or more other (component) SKUs.  It could be a multipack or a bundle.  Kit SKUs can have quantities derived from its components, or prepackaged, assembled quantity.
  • Component SKU - any SKU that is part of a Kit SKU.  Together, they make up the Kit Contents.
  • Bundle - a Kit SKU comprised of two or more different products.  For instance, a shirt and a tie.
  • Multipack - a Kit SKU comprised of multiple units of the component SKU.  For instance, a two ties.  The Multipack Quantity is the number of units of the component SKU included in the multipack.

More on How to Create and Manage Kits, Bundles, and Packs

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