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Channel SKU Overrides
Channel SKU Overrides

Learn how to sync your Zentail SKUs with channel SKUs that aren't exact matches

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You may come across a scenario in which a SKU on a channel doesn't have the exact matching (case-sensitive) SKU value on Zentail.  Because SKU values cannot be edited on Zentail, this means that the Zentail SKU and the channel SKU don't automatically sync. 

Never fear!  Zentail has you covered with our Channel SKU Override feature that allows you to sync products on Zentail with corresponding products on a selling channel whose SKU values don't match.

What is a SKU override and when is it necessary?

A common issue you may face is that before joining Zentail your SKU values on different channels weren't standardized, and therefore you were unable to sync all your products' catalog data, pricing, and inventory together.  Furthermore, the SKUs on the selling channels are tied to a product history on the channel's listing that includes historical product performance and customer ratings that you don't want to lose when migrating your catalog over to Zentail.  Because you can't edit a SKU value on Zentail, you need to find a way to sync a Zentail SKU to the corresponding SKU on a channel. This is where Channel SKU Overrides come into play.

Example: In the screenshot below, you'll see an example of a SKU that exists on Zentail as Zentail_SKU but the same product already exists on Amazon as SKU_Override_Example. Notice that through the feeds, Zentail is simply tying to that existing Amazon SKU without having to edit SKU values on either platform.

How to apply SKU Overrides

Please note that SKU Overrides cannot be applied on a SKU-edit level but rather through your Quick Edit View or through Import/Export pages.


  • If the product is Merchant Fulfilled only, use [Amazon Store Name] (Amazon) SKU Override 

  • If the product is FBA on Zentail, then use [Amazon Store Name] (Amazon) MF SKU to sync to the corresponding FBM SKU on Seller Central

  • If the product is FBA on Zentail, then use [Amazon Store Name] (Amazon) SKU Override to sync to the corresponding FBA SKU on Seller Central

Important Note: if the SKU you're updating already exists on Amazon, this should be done using a SKU Merge instead of just updating the fields. Otherwise, it won't sync properly.

Other Channels

  • eBay - [eBay Store Name] (eBay) SKU Override

  • Facebook - [Facebook Store Name] (Facebook) SKU Override

  • Google - [Google Store Name] (Google) SKU Override

  • Magento - [Magento Store Name] (Magento) SKU Override

  • Shopify - [Shopify Store Name] (Shopify) SKU Override

  • BigCommerce - [BigCommerce Store Name] (BigCommerce) SKU Override

  • Walmart - [Walmart Store Name] (Walmart) SKU Override

Important Considerations

  • eBay, Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce allow the editing of SKU values, therefore editing the SKU values on these channels to match Zentail is generally preferred rather than applying SKU overrides.

  • For Walmart, Zentail also gives you the option to Send SKU Update, which simply updates the SKU value on the channel to match what's on Zentail. This can be enabled under the Walmart Advanced Options view when editing a SKU.

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