Daily Deals is a program within Facebook Marketplace that connects limited-time promotions to shoppers on Facebook. Let’s recap the benefits:

  • Connecting your deals to the right customers: Facebook matches your deals to consumers based on their personalization algorithm. This ensures that your product is being seen by the right audience, ultimately resulting in an increased opportunity that the interaction will lead to a purchase.
  • No listing fees: Unlike other marketplaces that  take a percentage of each sale, Facebook Marketplace has no listing fees, allowing your business to offer even better deals to consumers.
  • Mobile-optimized:  Facebook Marketplace enables merchants to create a seamless mobile experience for shoppers.

This article will cover:

How to Set up your Daily Deal on Zentail

You can set up a Daily Deal on Zentail by using the Facebook Advanced Options on each SKU. Simply:

  1. Open up the SKU you want to promote.
  2. Find your Facebook integration card, select Advanced Options.
  3. Enter the:- Start Date (required)- Select 'On Sale Indefinitely' OR enter your End Date- Item Price (original price, or MSRP)- Sale Price (the price at which a shopper can purchase this product)*At this point, you should see a sample discount showing the Dollar amount and percentage discounted. If it does not pop up, it means your sale price is more expensive than the item price, and needs to be changed.*Make sure you're offering at least a 15% discount to qualify for Daily Deals.
  4. Click Update.

Using QuickEdit, Import / Export, and Bulk Actions

You can also use our bulk editing tools to create and manage your Daily Deals. Here are the attribute names to reference:

  • {Your Store} (Facebook) Scheduled Sale Start Date
  • {Your Store} (Facebook) Scheduled Sale End Date- if you leave this blank, Zentail will automatically check the "On Sale Indefinitely" option.
  • {Your Store} (Facebook) Scheduled Sale Item Price
  • {Your Store} (Facebook) Scheduled Sale Sale Price

Make sure to read up on QuickEdit, Import / Export, and Bulk Actions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Daily Deals show up on Facebook Marketplace?
Your deals will be surfaced to relevant shoppers on Marketplace feed or Marketplace Daily Deals feed by Facebook's targeting and ranking algorithm.
Depending on the quality of the deal, your product can qualify for the Everyday Deal, Featured Deal, or Lighthouse Deal Program. These programs have different requirements and offer varying levels of exposure and marketing benefits. Please contact [email protected] or open a chat using the resource center in the bottom right hand corner of any page in Zentail to learn more about program eligibility.

How do I qualify for Daily Deals?
Pricing for Daily Deals must be 15% less than your MSRP. If you offer deeper discounts, or discounts on high quality or highly demanded products, you may qualify for the Featured Deal or Lighthouse Deal Programs.
You will also need to meet product detail page requirements that include but are not limited to having a title, description, start and end promotion duration, product ID, and image.

Please note that your deal must be approved by Facebook. Please contact Zentail via [email protected] or chat for more information on deals requirements and how you can streamline the submission process.

How do I create a Facebook Page?
Facebook Pages are easy and free to setup in only a few minutes. 

What are some best practices for setting up my Facebook Page so it looks like a store front?
Get more tips, videos and resources from the Facebook for Business site

I've been approved for the Featured/Lighthouse Deals program and I see a "Promotions" tab in my Facebook Catalog Manager. What should I do next?
You should still follow the steps above to make sure you are creating SKUs and sending the appropriate deals attributes to the Catalog Manager. After your SKU is in Catalog Manager you can continue the process to submit in the promotions tab. 

Again, if you run into any trouble sending new deals or have questions about getting approved for Deals feel free to reach out to [email protected] or open a chat using the resource center icon in the bottom right hand corner of any page in Zentail. 

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