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How to Define Hazmat or Hazardous Materials
How to Define Hazmat or Hazardous Materials

Learn how to declare hazmat levels on your products, especially important for FBA products

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When it comes to hazardous materials, marketplaces such as Amazon often require that products are labeled clearly.  Products that are FBA must comply with Amazon's product safety compliance requirements or may result in the suspension of sales.

Even if the products are not hazardous, it's important to declare the hazardous levels of every product in order to meet marketplace guidelines. 

Marketplace errors such as "supplier_declared_dg_hz_regulation"
and errors containing the word 'hazmat' can be repaired by defining the hazmat level of the products in Zentail.  This can be done via the Import/Export tool or on the Edit Product View.

In the Edit Product View:

  1. Select No or Yes from the radio buttons shown.

  2. Choose the correct designation from the drop-down list for Supplier Declared Dg Hz Regulation field.

In the Quick Edit View: 

  1.  Add columns for "Are Batteries Required" and "Supplier Declared Dg Hz Regulation".   

  2. Make the desired edits to your catalog.  See Quick Edit Catalog View for more information.

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