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Enable Inventory Sync with BigCommerce
Enable Inventory Sync with BigCommerce

The steps to follow and things to consider when enabling Zentail to send inventory information to BigCommerce.

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Enabling the BigCommerce Inventory Sync on your Zentail integrations page gives Zentail permission to send inventory data to BigCommerce. Before you enable this feed option, make sure you are confident about the inventory in Zentail.

Key Considerations

When does Zentail send inventory to BigCommerce?

Please note that Zentail will send inventory info to BigCommerce if all of the following are true:

  1. If the Inventory Sync Feed is enabled

  2. The SKU is set to "List" to BigCommerce

  3. The SKU is an "active" SKU on Zentail

If the above conditions are satisfied, Zentail will send a price feed to BigCommerce:

  1. Whenever the product data or price changes in Zentail.

  2. Whenever inventory changes on Zentail as a result of a change from anywhere other than BigCommerce* OR

  3. At least once every 24 hours

Note: This means that if you upload a new quantity into Zentail, or an order comes in from a non-BigCommerce channel, then Zentail needs to notify BigCommerce of the new quantity. If the quantity changes due to an order on BigCommerce for that SKU, Zentail does not need to inform BigCommerce of the new quantity. BigCommerce has already deducted quantity to account for that order.

Steps to complete before enabling the Inventory Sync feed

  1. Make sure your integration is in Production Mode

  2. Turn on your Orders Sync with all necessary channels

  3. Upload accurate inventory into Zentail

  4. Set up your fulfillment lead time- On a warehouse level- On a SKU level

When you should NOT enable the Inventory Sync feed

If any of the below circumstances apply to you, you may want to keep the inventory sync feed disabled.

  • You do not have accurate inventory in Zentail

Enabling the Inventory Sync Feed

  1. Complete all steps in the above "Steps to complete before enabling the Inventory Sync feed" section.

  2. Go to your Integrations page on Zentail

  3. Make sure you are view the BigCommerce integration tab.

  4. Enable the Inventory Sync Feed

  5. Save Settings!

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