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Enable Orders Sync with Shopify
Enable Orders Sync with Shopify

The steps to follow and things to consider when enabling Zentail to send and receive order information with Shopify.

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Enabling the Shopify Orders on your Zentail integrations page gives Zentail permission to send and receive your order data with Shopify. Before you enable this feed option, make sure you're confident about any automated fulfillment settings you have with Zentail.

Key Considerations

When does Zentail send order info to Shopify?

Please note that Zentail will send order info to Shopify:

  1. If the Orders Feed is enabled

  2. Your Shopify integration is in Production Mode

  3. An order has changed status from pending to shipped or cancelled on Zentail

If the above conditions are satisfied, Zentail will send updated order information to Shopify:

  1. Within 15 minutes of the order status update on Zentail

Steps to complete before enabling the Orders feed

  1. Select a default warehouse for unroutable orders

  2. Connect your Shopify account.

  3. Make sure your integration is in Production Mode

  4. Make sure you understand any potential order fulfillment repercussions- i.e. if Zentail is routing your Shopify orders to ShipStation and another system is routing your Shopify orders to ShipStation, you want to avoid double-fulfilling any orders.

  5. Another system is not managing your inventory or Shopify orders.  if you have another integration acknowledging orders on Shopify Zentail will compete with that system, and often responds faster than other systems.  This means that your other system will not be able to update inventory since Zentail will acknowledge the orders first.

Enabling the Orders Sync Feed

  1. Complete all steps in the above "Steps to complete before enabling the Orders Sync feed" section.

  2. Go to your Integrations page on Zentail

  3. Make sure you are view the Shopify integration tab.

  4. Enable the Orders Sync Feed

  5. Save Settings!

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