Welcome to Zentail!  We're excited to have simplify and grow your multichannel business.  Before we dive into the onboarding, here are some helpful things to know.

1. Feed Options

Zentail is an extremely powerful system.  Until understanding what a button does, or going over it with your onboarding specialist, please avoid clicking anything not explicitly pointed out in the following steps.

Primarily, you'll see feed options on your integrations page, and a list - don't list toggle on your SKUs.  During onboarding, leave these on disable and don't list until you get the ok from your onboarding specialist.

2. Timeline

The average onboarding takes 3 - 4 weeks, with the record being just a few days.  Zentail has the ability to isolate product data, inventory, and price; so if there's a need to prioritize pricing sync just let your onboarding analyst know and we can focus on that.  To keep the overall timeline moving, please be sure to:

  • Map or standardize your existing SKUs

  • Complete action steps between calls

  • Use the help center or chat feature when you need more information

3. Resources

You're not alone!  You'll have regularly scheduled calls with your onboarding analyst.  In between, the help center and chat feature are valuable resources at your disposal.

To get to the help center, you can go to help.zentail.com (you're here now!) or go to the three vertical dots in the top right of any page in Zentail and select Help Center.

Chat support is the blue circle in the lower right of every page in Zentail.  You have a whole team of knowledgeable Zentailians ready to assist you right there.

Let's get started!

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