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How to Audit Your Pricing in Zentail
How to Audit Your Pricing in Zentail

This outlines how to check what you to expect your price to be on each channel when you set a SKU to list.

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Before setting SKUs to list with price sync enabled, it's best practice to audit your pricing information.  There are three ways to check on the price we expect Zentail to send to each channel.  But first, I'd like to note some key considerations when auditing your pricing information.

Key Considerations

  • The "item price" field is sent to each channel except where there is an override.

  • A price override can be set for each channel.

  • There are two overrides available on Amazon - for FBA listings and merchant fulfilled listings.

  • Zentail will never send $0 as a price to a channel.  If an import or export has $0 in a column don't worry - it will be ignored.

  • How MAP pricing will be implemented on each channel.

  • Shipping costs are factored in based on the policies you've set directly on the channel (except for Wish), and determine your final "landed price".

A brief summary of the 3 main ways to check price information are below.  For more instructional material please read this article.

1. Check directly on the SKU

You could open up the SKU and check:

  • The item price in the price and availability tab after clicking the edit button, and

  • On the left hand side, select advanced options and see if there's a channel override in place.

You could also use the price view (found in the dropdown in the top left) to see all the overrides in a single place.

It's good to get familiar with navigating these views, but some more efficient options available to you are the following:

2. Quick Edit

From the catalog view you could open the dropdown in the top left and create a new quick edit view for auditing your price.  This SKU might include such columns as SKU, Item Price, amd Amazon FBA Price Override.

3. Import Export (recommended method)

Very similar to the QuickEdit setup, you can add the same columns and export this information and audit the report.  Any changes made could be imported as well.

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