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Amazon Product Group Titles

Best practices for titling product groups on Amazon

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Product titles are an important part of ensuring your products are searchable, and let buyers know they've found what they're looking for.

However, a sloppy title can deter a customer from clicking on your product because they won't trust the seller.

The title should be neatly formatted, with the first letter of every word capitalized unless it's a conjunction or short preposition.

In general, salesy words and brand names should be left out.  It's difficult to do tastefully, and can actually turn buyers off to your listing.  However, subjective product descriptors go great in a description, bullet points, or search terms.

If the product is a variation, the parent SKU should have clear descriptive titles that apply to each product in the group.  To improve searchability and reassure buyers, it's best to include variation attributes in the title for the children in the product group.  Zentail does this by default based on the pivot attribute information entered for the product group.

The information above is largely shared by, or based on, Amazon's article on FBA Product Title Requirements.

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