A catalog containing diverse and attractive products is important for having success with selling online. Photos that showcase a product in a clear and detailed format help shoppers make effective buying decisions quickly, resulting in more online sales. 

Selling across multiple channels means that photos must be optimized for different marketplaces - Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Shopify and BigCommerce all have specific formatting rules for product photos. 

Here are marketplace-driven guidelines for creating and uploading acceptable photos for your products.

  • Photos must be 1000 pixels in either width, or height. For example, this means that an acceptable photo can be 1000 x 1300px, 1000 x 900 px, or 600 x 1000px. However, if a photo is 600 x 200px, this photo will likely be rejected for marketplace use. 

  • Make sure that your photos have a white or solid background. This means that the background of the product should not be transparent, which is commonly found in PNG images. 

  • Photos must be 25 MB or lower in file size. Any photos larger than 25 MB will result in product errors and delisted products. 

  • For selling on Walmart, the maximum file size is 5 MB. For more information about Walmart's image file specifications and image requirements for your product categories, check out their guidelines.

Amazon Product Image Requirements
Walmart.com Product Image Guidelines
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