Make sure you're up to date with Wish's policy for Merchants! Here are some tips to maximize your performance on Wish marketplace, as well as important considerations with how to set up and manage your Wish products.

Wish Success

  • Get your Badges! - Ship your orders in a timely manner to earn badges like the Wish Express and All Star Shipper badge for your products.

  • Optimize Your Listings - Make your listings more appealing and more searchable by optimizing your listings with accurate product and variation data in Zentail.

  • ProductBoost - Wish allows you to advertise your products through the ProductBoost tool.  In some cases, you can even get a credit towards this advertising.

Managing Product Groups on Wish

 Because of how Wish handles creating SKUs, even single SKUs are created as a product group with a single product. As a result, it may take extra time for Wish to create a new SKU, and you may see messages related to a parent or variation SKU on a single product. Similarly, make sure to the master SKU is listed in order to list a group. If you need to regroup a SKU, regroup it as you normally would in Zentail, then in Wish you'll need to mark that you'd like to regroup a SKU.  The change should be reflected on the next update from Zentail.

Other Wish Considerations

  • Shipping - Your shipping price is set directly in Zentail.  On a SKU under the advanced options for Wish you can enter a shipping price override.

  • Brand and Vendor Relationships - Due to Wish's origins they have strict requirements on brands to avoid counterfeit products.  It's extremely important to register for a brand authorization and any special vendor relationships you have on Wish to avoid any of your products being flagged.

  • Tags - Wish does not require a product category, but they do require that your products have tags. Make sure to set up high-performing tags on Zentail. Because Wish accepts a maximum of ten tags, you can optionally override the Tags field with Wish-specific tags. You can do this via QuickEdit or Import/Export by adding the column [Wish Store Name] (Wish) Tags.

  • Size and Color Variations - Wish has a set of accepted sizes and colors when listing a variation. If you receive a listing error related to either of these, you can edit them in the edit product view under the channel attributes tab, or in bulk in Quick Edit. Learn more about Channel Attributes here.

  • International Shipping - If you don't ship internationally, make sure you don't have an international shipping options available.  Here's an FAQ from Wish about how to configure your shipping settings.

Wish Express

  • Wish Express is a way to offer expedited shipping to customers. If your products meet the delivery deadline requirements they can be enrolled in Wish Express. 

  • If you plan to offer Wish Express please contact Zentail support at [email protected] so that a Wish Express integration can be added to your account. 

  • Learn more about Setting up Wish Express with Zentail here!

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