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Adding UPCs to SKUs
Adding UPCs to SKUs

Learn how to add UPCs to SKUs in Zentail, and learn why UPCs are a key for success.

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A UPC is a Universal Product Code, or the series of numbers that are found in the barcode of a product.  (here's a helpful article on purchasing UPCs for your products)

UPCs, EANs, ISBNs, and GTINs are all similar, and in some cases, if you do not have a UPC readily available for a product, adding an EAN, ISBN, or GTIN can help a product reach better success on marketplaces. 

To add a UPC to a SKU, here is an animation that shows how: 

  1. In the Catalog, click on a product to add the UPC.

  2. Click 'Edit' on the left side of the screen. 

  3. In 'General Info' add the UPC and save. 

Having a catalogue of SKUs that are outfitted with unique UPCs is very important for success on all marketplaces, and is most important for success on Walmart. 

Walmart and UPCs: 

To be listed successfully on Walmart, products must have unique UPCs, even if the products are a part of a pack.

For example, let's say I have a single waterbottle for sale on my store, and a 2-pack of the same waterbottle. In this case, the single waterbottle must have it's own unique UPC, and the 2-pack must have it's own unique UPC. 

Having specific UPCs is key to getting traction on Walmart especially, since Walmart requires UPCs to be different for every product/SKU. 

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