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+MF+ SKUs: Why they appear in your Amazon Seller Central and what you should do about it.
+MF+ SKUs: Why they appear in your Amazon Seller Central and what you should do about it.

Learn more about why Zentail creates merchant-fulfilled "+MF+" SKUs on your Seller Central.

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Zentail simplifies your ability to manage your FBA and FBM Amazon SKUs by merging them in Zentail. Having non-FBA inventory available for one of your "FBA" SKUs on Zentail creates a +MF+ version in Seller Central. Zentail will never send a +MF+ SKU into ShipStation or any other supported 3rd party integration.

For example; when you have FBA and FBM inventory for "SKU ABC" in Zentail, Zentail sends a "SKU ABC+MF+" into Seller Central as a Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) SKU. The reason Zentail does this is because Amazon requires your FBA and FBM SKUs to have different values. However, you will only need to manage the product data for one, standardized, SKU on Zentail.

To recap: 

  • +MF+ SKUs are intentionally created on Amazon Seller Central by Zentail -- do not delete them.

  • In Zentail you will never see a +MF+ version of a SKU.

  • You will only see +MF+ SKUs in Seller Central.

  • This convention allows you to  manage FBA and FBM inventory in one central view in Zentail -- no dealing with two different SKUs for the same exact product.

  • This allows you to easily list FBA and FBM to the same ASIN simultaneously. 

  • This allows you to make all of your inventory available on your channels and avoid a channel rejecting or not listing duplicate SKUs that share the same UPC or unique identifier.

  • This allows Zentail to provide you with simplified reporting and analytics.

  • You can use separate pricing for FBA and FBM by using the FBA Price Override field (found in the Amazon > Advanced Options section of your SKU menu).

  • Zentail will never send +MF+ SKUs to any other channel or 3rd party that you are integrated with (i.e. eBay, Walmart, Wish, Newegg, SkuVault, ShipStation). 

  • If you use a 3rd party service that we don't offer an integration for which pulls data from Amazon Seller Central, then your +MF+ SKU will appear in that service.

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