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Send Channel Order ID into ShipStation with your Zentail Orders
Send Channel Order ID into ShipStation with your Zentail Orders

Enable Zentail to send the Channel or Marketplace name and the Channel or Marketplace order numbers into ShipStation.

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This article reviews how to set up your Zentail integration with ShipStation to include the Channel Name and Channel Order ID on the orders that Zentail sends into ShipStation.

Note:  If you are already using these Custom Field 1 and Custom Field 2 on ShipStation for other purposes, you may want to consider whether enabling this feature would work for your workflow

There are three parts of this article:


Enable from Zentail

On your Zentail Integrations card for ShipStation, you can configure your connection to allow Zentail to send the Channel Name and the Channel Order ID into ShipStation. These values will be sent to ShipStation in "Custom 1" and "Custom 2" fields on ShipStation.

  1. Go to your Integrations page on Zentail

  2. Select the ShipStation integration tab

  3. Set the toggle to Enable Sending Channel Data

  4. Click Save Settings

Save your Order View on ShipStation to include Custom Fields

The information in this section is cited from the ShipStation Help Center article How can I save my order view?

ShipStation can save your current order view to the left navigation sidebar.  These are account-wide, and include: 

  • Filters (tags, filter criteria, saved filters)

  • Groupings

  • Columns

  • Column formatting and sort order

You can have up to five order views, including "All", and can create different ones for each status you have. 

You can edit these by scrolling over the view title.  A small gear will show, and you can click on this to make it your default view, rename it, duplicate it, or delete it. The default view can be different for each user you have. 

Add Custom Fields to your ShipStation Labels

The information in this section is cited from the  ShipStation Help Center article How can I add order information to my labels?

ShipStation provides the option to add up to three 26-character messages to your labels.  These Label Messages can be configured in your Settings > Printing > Printing Setup screen. ShipStation also provides a set of standard field replacements so you can have order specific information printed on each label. 

Here's an example USPS label with an order number and additional text: 

Keep in mind, different carriers will print label messages according to their own proprietary format.

To configure your label messages, do the following:

Head to your Account Settings (the wrench icon in the upper right).

Next, select Printing and then Printing Setup from the sidebar on the left.

Once there, click on the Document Options for Labels.

Look for the Label Messages section, like you see in the picture below.

The following information can be added to your label messages:

  • Order #

  • Store Company Name

  • Ship Date

  • Order Date

  • Sku #1

  • Sku #2

  • Sku #3

  • Product #1

  • Product #2

  • Product #3

  • Dimensions

  • Weight

  • Notes from Buyer

  • Custom Field #1

  • Custom Field #2

  • Custom Field #3

  • Fill Sku #1

  • Fill Sku #2

  • Fill Sku #3

  • Warehouse Loc #1

  • Warehouse Loc #2

  • Warehouse Loc #3

If you wish to put static, custom text on every shipping label (meaning that it won't change per label), you can simply write in whatever you wish, and it will display on your labels. Also, if you wish to add multiple field replacements to a single line, just type the additional field replacement between two square brackets, like this: 

[Field Replacement]

When you've finished customizing your labels, make sure to click the Save Changes button.

Things to note

  • Field replacements with #1, #2, and #3 refer to item-level field replacements and will show only up to the first three items on the order's items. 

  • Label messages are global, meaning ShipStation will print label messages on all labels that support them. They cannot be customized per store or per carrier.

  • Some carriers and services do not support printing custom label messages on their labels, including (but not limited to): UPS Mail Innovations, FedEx SmartPost, USPS First Class Letter and UPS international.

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