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Product Group Errors on eBay

How to manage your eBay product groups.

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eBay has some unique policies regarding product groups.  Once you have a product group listed, you can't edit their variations, and you can't add a product to the product group.

If you've recently edited a product group, or tried to add a product to a product, and are seeing errors* on eBay, that may be the cause.  Here's to correct it:

  1. End the listing on eBay through your eBay partner portal.

  2. Select a SKU from that product group in your Zentail catalog.

  3. Click the Advanced Options on your eBay card on the left hand side.

  4. On the column that slides out, click "Update & Push Entire Group" at the bottom.

*Some errors that might show up would be:

Duplicate custom variation label.
[ERROR] updateSkuForGroupListing (31 minutes ago)

Variation specifics cannot be changed in restricted revise
[ERROR] updateSkuForGroupListing (31 minutes ago)

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