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How to integrate Fulfillment Works with Zentail
How to integrate Fulfillment Works with Zentail

Fulfillment Works is a Zentail-certified 3rd party logistics provider of warehousing and fulfillment services.

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Zentail integrates with Fulfillment works as an inventory and fulfillment integrations. Follow these steps to integrate your account.

  1. Send inventory for as many of your SKUs as possible to Fulfillment Works.

  2. Have a Zentail Specialist create a Fulfillment works integration/warehouse for your account -- message us or email [email protected].

  3. Obtain your Fulfillment Works API credentials from your Fulfillment Works account.

  4. Enter them on the Fulfillment Works card on the Integrations page as shown below.



Why isn't my inventory being imported?
First, double check that each of the stops above has been completed, and that FW has both received and processed the inventory.  Next, see if your SKUs in FW match your SKUs in Zentail.  If the inventory is still blank, contact Zentail support.

Will Fulfillment Works create SKUs in Zentail?
No, which is why it's important to make sure that your SKUs match.  This also helps avoid cluttering your catalog in case they don't.

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