Set up a non-FBA warehouse for Walmart orders

Review why it is important to have a non-FBA warehouse to fulfill Walmart orders.

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Walmart Marketplace is a massive and rapidly growing Marketplace. "In 2017, Walmart posted an impressive 60% year-over-year e-commerce growth. Walmart is the third-largest online marketplace in the U.S. and it’s also growing total online sales faster than Amazon and eBay." (What Retailers Can Learn From Walmart's Incredible E-Commerce Growth In 2017). To be a successful in e-commerce, it is vital that your inventory is available for purchase on

To fulfill your Walmart Marketplace orders it's important to have the proper operations in place to ensure you are compliant with Walmart's shipping policies. This includes the policies around Shipping Methods and Timing and Packaging Rules. Notably, "Sellers should not use FBA or any system that will deliver items purchased through Walmart in competitors' packaging, as this implicitly advertises another marketplace and causes customer confusion." (Frequently Asked Questions: Shipping and Refunds).

From your Account Settings page on Zentail you can easily enable or disable a warehouse to be able to fulfill orders from a specific channel.

Having inventory that you can fulfill in a timely manner, with brand-neutral packaging, available for sell on Walmart Marketplace is very important to your success as a Walmart Marketplace seller. The more SKUs available for purchase on the greater your sales can be!

Add a new warehouse on Zentail

To add a new warehouse on your Zentail account, please contact a member of the Zentail team via [email protected] or through the in app chat feature. You can manage your inventory and orders for this warehouse directly on Zentail. Alternatively, Zentail has a number of integrations available with various fulfillment and inventory management partners.

If you'd like to manage orders and inventory for this warehouse through a different software, you can take advantage of Zentail's Open API to make sure information is communicated in an efficient manner! 

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