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Adding a Meta Description to Products on BigCommerce
Adding a Meta Description to Products on BigCommerce

Create a rich meta description for your products.

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A meta description is a short paragraph of descriptive words that add more detail to a product or SKU. Meta descriptions exist on the web for almost every webpage, and webpages with rich and detailed meta descriptions can be ranked higher than other webpages by search engines. 

It's important to have as many meta descriptions as possible for your products in order to raise the chances of the product being searched for and found on online marketplaces. Having even a short meta description is better than having no meta description at all. 

Here is how to add rich and useful meta descriptions to your products on BigCommerce in Zentail: 

  • Go to the Catalog

  • Search for the item you'd like to add a meta description to

  • Click on the Product SKU

  • On the left side of the page, scroll down. You will see the BigCommerce subsection appear

  • Click 'Advanced Options' underneath the BigCommerce logo

Now that you've located the meta description area, here are a few tips for making a good meta description: 

  • 255 character or less 

  • Include keywords 

Another way to think about a meta description is to remember that search engines will 'see' it. It's a bit like telling Google or BigCommerce's internal search engine all about your product's highlights.

For example, with this product, the meta description was created by choosing a key sentence from the main product description. As a note, some companies and brands may have guidelines on what you can include in meta descriptions. 

This example meta description contains the following, which are good things to include in your own meta description: 

  1. A keyword about the department (women's)

  2. A keyword about what the product is (racer-back tank) 

  3. A keyword that might attract the market (outsmart)

Now that the product has a rich meta description, it has a much better chance of getting noticed by search engines. Ultimately, shoppers will have an easier time locating the product, too. A good meta description tells a useful story about the product in a concise way - exactly what shoppers and search engines are looking for. 

Feel free to open a chat with us if you could use a hand with creating meta descriptions or optimizing your store for Shopify. 

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