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Create Page Titles for your products on BigCommerce
Create Page Titles for your products on BigCommerce

Help your products get found on large marketplaces by adding descriptive page titles.

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It's a competitive world out there, and having even the slightest edge can bring more sales to your business. Details matter - and one of the many details at work when it comes to selling online is having rich data to back up your product photos and pricing. 

Writing a descriptive page title for your products can help get the products noticed by search engines and shoppers alike. This article will explain what a page title is, and how to add a page title to your products on Bigcommerce in Zentail. 

A page title can be thought of as the 'headline' for a product. It is very similar to a product name, but with a bit more room to write. Page titles help shoppers and search engines find your products, and this leads to a better chance at standing out on the marketplace and making sales. 

To add a Page Title to a SKU in Zentail, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Catalog

  • Search for the item you'd like to add a page title to

  • Click on the Product SKU

  • On the left side of the page, scroll down. After scrolling down, you will see the BigCommerce section. 

  • Click 'Advanced Options' underneath the BigCommerce logo

  • An area to add a page title will appear on the panel that opens up on the top right. 

Now that you are ready to add a page title, here are a few formatting tips. The page title should be...

  • 70 characters or less

  • Include human-readable words and phrases

For example, with this product, I created a page title that includes the name of the product and a few other keywords that help tell more of a story about what the product is: 

The product above has a page title that contains: 

  1. A keyword about the brand (Underarmour)

  2. A keyword about the product line (Men's Armour)

  3. A keyword about the product fabric (Fleece) 

  4. A keyword about the product type (Athletic Sweatpants)

Now that this product has a page title with keywords inside the page title, it has a better chance of being found and purchased through BigCommerce. 

Thinking about the page titles of products in your catalog and revising these page titles for better search engine optimization will help your shoppers locate your items and will lead to more success.

Feel free to chat with us at Zentail if you could use a hand with thinking about page titles and optimizing your store for BigCommerce. 

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