How to Retire a Walmart SKU

Review how to remove, retire, or archive a SKU on your Walmart Seller Center using Zentail

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There are a few reasons why you may want to retire a SKU on your Walmart Seller Center.  Perhaps you are no longer able to list this brand to Walmart.  Perhaps you have a different SKU using the same UPC and you need to retire this product.

If you've seen an error from Walmart for a SKU that you're trying to list that says, "Unable to complete the product data setup process. Unable to override sku because there exists another source product from the same seller/org id.", you're in the right spot!

Walmart only allows one SKU in the Seller Center per UPC.  For this reason, if you already have a SKU in your Walmart Seller Center for a given UPC then you want to remove that SKU in order to list another SKU with the same UPC.

Retire SKUs from Walmart on a per SKU basis

To retire an individual SKU from Walmart, follow the steps show below.

  1. Go to your Integrations page.

  2. Click the Walmart card.

  3. Enter the SKU you want to remove from Walmart in the Retire SKU section.

Retire SKUs from Walmart in bulk

To retire SKUs in bulk, use the Bulk Actions suite to filter for the SKUs you wish to retire and create a custom bulk action.   Choose the action type "Delete/Archive on Channel" and select your Walmart integration from the drop-down list of integrations.  

Retire the SKU On Walmart Seller Center

  1. De-list the SKU from Walmart in Zentail

  2. Log into your Walmart Seller Center

  3. Search for your SKU or UPC using the Filter feature

  4. Click the checkbox to the left of the item you want to remove.

  5. Click the "Retire Item" button

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