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Troubleshooting Common Errors
Error Message: There is no link for this product on the storefront.
Error Message: There is no link for this product on the storefront.

Learn about this common error message associated with your Google Shopping campaign.

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Part of the process for Google Shopping involves directing shoppers to the appropriate product listing on your Shopping Cart (BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento). 

If this product listing does not exist on your shopping cart, Zentail is not able to send Google a link to this product's page.

This is a common error message that can appear for Google Shopping campaigns. You may also notice that there is no "eye" icon on your Shopping Cart's Card in Zentail:

How to Resolve the Error

There are two outcomes when resolving this error:

  1. You successfully created a Product Listing. Zentail will be able to send the Product Listing URL to Google

  2. You set the product to "Don't List." Zentail will no longer include this product in its Google Shopping campaign.

Create a Product Listing on your Shopping Cart

If you are trying to publish this product to your shopping cart but have been unsuccessful, you may have a listing error that must be resolved. Once you have resolved the error, Zentail will attempt to publish the product to your Shopping Cart.

If you have your Product Data disabled between Zentail and your Shopping Cart, but this is a new product that you want to create on your Shopping Cart, you can use Zentail's Update & Push feature.
This feature will push product data to your Shopping Cart for a particular SKU. Or, if the SKU is a part of a product group, Update and Push will update the entire group. The SKU will be updated regardless of any Product Data integrations being disabled. 

Set your SKU to Don't List

If you no longer want this product listed on your Shopping Cart, and do not want Zentail to include this product in its Google Shopping campaign, you can simply set the SKU to Don't List in Zentail. 

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