Page Titles, Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions are fields that search engines look for to understand what a given webpage is about. If you sell on your own webstore (i.e. Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento), you should include a thoughtful Page Title, Meta Keywords, and Meta Descriptions to give your listings the best chance of being found when shoppers search for your products.

Page Title and Meta Description is used on many sites to display a preview.

Meta Title aka "Page Title"

  • Should be no longer than 70 characters.

  • Should be keyword-rich and human readable.

Meta Description

  • Should be no longer than 155 characters.

  • Should be keyword-rich and human readable.

Marketplace channels automatically implement Meta Title and Meta Description based on the content you provide on your listing.

Tags and Keywords

The Tags field in in Zentail is intended for your keywords. This field is connected to all channels and allows you to tell each channel the most important search terms that are relevant to your listing. This field is comma-separated and should be loaded with at least 1,000 characters worth of keywords that describe your product. Be sure to include Brand, MPN, relevant synonyms, and anything else your customers would enter into a search field to find your product.

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