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How to Edit and Manage Inventory and Bin Locations
How to Edit and Manage Inventory and Bin Locations

Learn how to edit and manage inventory and bin locations in the User Interface and via Import / Export.

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Editing Inventory and Bin Location via Zentail's User Interface

In the Catalog, you can use the main Catalog view or the Inventory view to make edits to your inventory:

Inventory view (fastest):

  1. Go to your Catalog.

  2. Click Catalog on the top left of the page and select Inventory.

  3. Search for your SKU.

  4. Click on the field for the specific warehouse.

  5. Enter the accurate inventory value. Here you have the option to designate one or more Bin Locations. If you are unable to see a popup field to edit your inventory and bin location, that is because that warehouse is controlled by a 3rd party inventory integration such as FBA, SkuVault or a 3PL.

Catalog view (slower):

  1. Go to your Catalog.

  2. Search for your SKU.

  3. Click the SKU to edit it.

  4. Click Inventory & Pricing.

  5. Make changes as required in the Inventory section.

Editing Inventory and Bin Location via Import / Export

In the Export section, you can create a template to update inventory and bin locations in bulk.

  1. Go to the Export page.

  2. Click Create Custom Template.

  3. Add a title to your template in the Template Name field.

  4. Add columns for Bin Location and your specific warehouse Quantity as to the template. When you’re done, click Submit to save the template.

  5. Go to Export, find the template you created under Product, and then click Download to begin the export.

  6. Make your changes to the bin locations and/or the quantity values in Excel or your preferred spreadsheet, save the file as a CSV file, and then Import the file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there a way I can upload an inventory file so that the quantities on the file get added to the quantities in inventory in a given location (for example, our "Main" warehouse)?

Answer: Yes, use the delta quantity fields to add inventory to a given location.  For example, the "Main Delta Quantity" could be used as the column header to add inventory to the Main Warehouse.  

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