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How to Set Promotional Pricing or a Scheduled Sale
How to Set Promotional Pricing or a Scheduled Sale

Set up your Promotional Pricing to put your products on sale for each marketplace.

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You can set up your promotional pricing for each marketplace from Zentail. This will display your product as "on sale", with a "Sale Price", with a line striking through your "Item Price". This feature allows you to:

  1. Display discounts and savings to the shopper which drives more sales.

  2. Set up a sale for a specific period of time.

  3. Set up a sale to run indefinitely.

  4. Help you discount and sell slow-moving inventory.

When you have a sale running, this will be sent to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Facebook, Google, BigCommerce, or Magento, assuming Zentail is enabled to send pricing data to these marketplaces and your SKUs are set to List. If you want to set up a scheduled sale for a specific channel, please review our article on Setting Channel Specific Promotions.

Set up a promotion

To set up a promotion, select a SKU on Zentail, click Pricing & Inventory, and scroll to the Scheduled Sale subsection. From here, you can schedule your sale.

Required Fields

  • Start Date - This is the date that your promotion will begin. Zentail will start using your scheduled sale information on this date. (Note: Dates must be formatted yyyy-mm-dd )

  • Sale Price - This is the discounted price for your product. Shoppers will be able to purchase your product at this price.

  • Item Price During Sale - This is the price that your sale price will be compared to. It must be greater than your Sale Price.

*Make sure your Sale Price is less than your Item Price During Sale

Setting up a Sale using the Import / Export feature

You can also set up a sale by uploading a .CSV file through the Import/Export feature.  Your .CSV file should use these four fields:

  • Scheduled Sale Sale Price

  • Scheduled Sale Item Price

  • Scheduled Sale Start Date

  • Scheduled Sale End Date

As mentioned above in this article, Scheduled Sale Sale Price, Scheduled Sale Item Price, and Scheduled Sale Start Date are required to run any sale. If you leave the "Scheduled Sale End Date" blank when setting up a sale via import, then Zentail will check the "On Sale Indefinitely" option.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a Price Override in place for a channel, will that override my sale price?
Your scheduled sale will get sent to a marketplace instead of your channel override.

How does this affect my FBA Price Override?
If you are using an FBA price override for any SKU, we will continue to send that to Amazon for your FBA SKU. It will be unaffected by your scheduled sale. Your merchant-fulfilled SKU on Amazon will sell at the scheduled sale amount.

When does the End Date take affect? On or after that date?
The sale will expire at 00:01 (12:01 AM) on the End Date. Meaning, if I have a sale scheduled to run from 1/1/2018 - 2/1/2018 then the sale would expire as soon as the date turns to 2/1/2018 (i.e. it will only run through January).

What channels or marketplaces will use this scheduled sale price?
While you have a sale running, we will send this sale price to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Facebook, Google, BigCommerce, and Magento. You must have pricing enabled for that channel and have your SKU set to list in order for Zentail to send any pricing info to a specific channel.

Why is my promotion not displayed on Amazon?
If you are selling on a competitive ASIN with other sellers, it's likely that you do not have control over this ASIN. As a result, Amazon may limit your ability to display the product as "on sale". You will still be able to make your product available for purchase at your specified sale price regardless of whether you have control over the ASIN or not.

Can I schedule multiple Promotions for a specific SKU?
Currently you can only have 1 promotion scheduled for a given SKU. We're working on support for scheduling multiple promotions for a given SKU.

Why won't my Sale display on Amazon?
It's possible that the sale price you've recently implemented on Zentail is simply displaying the sale price on Amazon but not displaying a "List Price". This is likely due to changes Amazon made recently in regards to how they display pricing. You can read more about these changes in New York Times' article: Amazon Is Quietly Eliminating List Prices

What happens when the Amazon Repricer is turned on at the same time as a scheduled sale?
A scheduled sale will take priority over what is in the item price field as long as the scheduled sale is still active.

What Date format do I need to use in an import?

The correct format is: yyyy-mm-dd

Important Considerations

  • A scheduled sale must set up at least 25 hours before the start date or it will go unpublished on Walmart.  In other words, if you would like to start promotional pricing today it is too late in Walmart's eyes, and you can't just set the start date to yesterday.  At the earliest you could start your sale day after tomorrow if you set it by 11 PM today.

Please reach out to us with any additional questions!

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