The Zentail Success Dashboard is designed to help you make the most out of all the features available to you within Zentail and ensure that you are successful with each marketplace! Your custom success dashboard will include each of your integrations as well as metrics on General Success and Orders.

In the top right you will see your Overall Success Score with a percentage and marks based on the overall number of success steps you have completed. Some steps are auto-detected while others have to be acknowledged by you.

To the right of each integration you will see percentages and marks based on the number of steps you've completed for that specific integration.

Color Ranges:

  • 0-50% - Red
  • 51-90% - Orange
  • 91-100% - Green

Each integration is a drop down with integration specific metrics:

Below each metric you will see a small description. You can then take action using the options on the right of the metric

  • Acknowledge: Click this if you have completed the task. This will appear for metrics we cannot auto-detect. 
  • "i": Click this to go to the FAQ that describes this metric and how to take action
  • Arrow: Click this to go to the field where you can take action

Metric Progress Bar

The Progress bar under each metric changes color as you progress. Below the Progress bar you will see your Current Percentage in regards to completion of this metric and the Target Percentage. 

General Tips and Suggestions:

  • "Acknowledge" all completed metrics.
  • Read the Help Center articles associated with each metric so that you understand why each metric is important.
  • Try to reach the target percentage (or higher!) for all metrics.
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