Improving Sales on Jet

  1. Are all appropriate SKUs Set to List in Zentail
  2. Do SKUs have Inventory? If not are your fulfillment nodes in Zentail?
  3. Are all critical issues resolved?
  4. Are there any listing errors?
  5. How many SKUs are in the “Under Jet Review” Filter? “Unauthorized” Filter?

Actions on the Jet Partner Portal

Look at the following statuses and sub-statuses:

  1. Verify that each listing has inventory.
  2. Verify that your Archived/Excluded Category or Brand/Unauthorized SKUs are in the appropriate status based on this Jet Help Center article.
  3. E-mail [email protected] to get more of these SKUs available for sale.

Jet Rules Engine

Jet offers the ability to offer discounts based on bulk orders, shipping distance and waiving free returns. 

Follow this Zentail Knowledge Base article to set this up.

Product Data in Zentail

Are your listings optimized for higher search ranking?

Follow the directions in this Zentail Knowledge Base article on improving search ranking.

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