For guidance on optimizing product data for SEO on, check out this helpful article from Walmart.  The important takeaways are to include key search terms in your Title, Description, Key Features and Bullet Points. There is balance between being too vague and too granular.


You can take advantage of our Walmart Title Override to optimize your listing specifically for Walmart.  Here are Walmart's suggested guidelines:

  • Make it 50-75 characters in length for best readability and SEO results.

  • Create a unique, specific product name that isn't used word-for-word on other websites.

  • Follow the guideline: Brand + Clothing Size Group (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style (if applicable) + Pack Count

  • If the color of your item is something that customers are likely to search for, include color in the product name as well.

  • If your items are in a variant group, do not include the color in the Product Name. Instead, include the available colors in the Key Features or Description next to the Item's name.


This is the regular description, or the description override you've set for Walmart. To improve your search engine optimization on Walmart, consider their guidelines shown here: 

  • Include the Product Name, Brand, keywords describing the item's features and benefits and related words that customers are likely to search for. For example, if you're selling a cardigan, use synonyms like "sweater" in the description. Avoid repeating these words in an overly obvious way.

  • Write a paragraph of 150 words or more. The longer, the better!

  • Ensure your Description is unique (i.e., not copied from other sites) and is truly useful for customers. Avoid too much repetition.

  • Write copy that is specific and informative, not just fluffy or generic. Show expertise, knowledge and authority with facts and tips.

  • Be clear and conversational when writing. You’re helping customers make an informed decision; you’re not trying to sell them on anything. Some slang is acceptable – as long as it doesn’t break an authentic, straightforward tone – since it captures more key terms.

Shelf Description

Your first three bullet points in Zentail will be used for the shelf description. Please make sure that these:

  • Include the 3 most important benefits or features of your item.

  • Include keywords.

  • Call out specific details about the item and provide complete information. Do not repeat what the item is or include generic, meaningless information.

Promotional Pricing

We allow you to list your products with the Reduced Price tag on This helps drive more sales and improve your product's ranking on Walmart Marketplace. For more information, please reference the following article: How to Set Promotional Pricing or Scheduled Sale.

Key Features/Highlights

Zentail sends keywords to Walmart using the "Bullet Points" fields in Zentail.

  • Include keywords in the key features.

  • Put the most important features first.

  • Call out specific details about the item and provide complete information. Do not repeat what the item is or include generic, meaningless information.


  • Fill out the attributes relevant to your item to improve your item's performance when users browse or restrict their searches. The more relevant attributes you provide, the better your item will perform.  The attributes in the discoverability section of the Excel templates are particularly important.

  • Search for your item on and check the left navigation to see what attributes are relevant for your items.

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