Strike Through Pricing (STP) is designed to display the savings amount by comparing your MSRP to your actual sales price. It looks like this:

*Note: Depending on your storefront plan, eBay may charge an additional listing fee for using STP

How to enable Strike Through Pricing in Zentail

1. Add MSRP for all of the SKUs you want to have STP. 

You can add MSRP manually by searching for the SKU on the catalog page => click the "EDIT" button => "PRICE & AVAILABILITY" section. 

You can also import MSRP for your SKUs in bulk using our import/export feature. 

2. Go to the eBay section of the Integrations page and enable STP by checking the corresponding box. Don't forget to click the SAVE SETTINGS button!

Important Notes:

  • You must be approved for STP by eBay to use this

  • If you get an error from eBay "Seller is not eligible to list a discounted item" try unchecking this box and updating your product for eBay

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