There are a number of ways you can manage the price of your SKUs on Zentail. The easiest way is through the Price View on the Zentail User Interface. You can also Edit prices through the Catalog view or with the Import / Export Feature. To read more about special features like, setting a price override or scheduling a promotion, please review the articles linked at the bottom of the page.

Video Tour of the Price View

Edit Pricing using the Price View

  1. Go to the Pricing Screen

  2. Scroll or Search for the SKU of interest

  3. Hover your mouse next to the Item Price field

  4. Click on the grey box that appears

  5. Type in your Item Price

  6. Click Enter (Or click away from the box)

You will see a "check mark" appear to the right of the field to confirm your changes. Any changes will be automatically saved.

Edit Pricing using the Catalog View

  1. Go to your Catalog

  2. Search for the SKU

  3. Click Edit

  4. Go to the Price & Availability tab

  5. Enter in your pricing information

  6. Click the check mark in the bottom right to save your work

Edit Pricing Through the Import Export Feature

  1. Go to the Import Page

  2. Create a new template with at least two column attributes: Column A: SKU and Column B: Item Price

  3. Once you create the template, click on Run Existing Report and find the template you just created under Custom Product Report Templates

  4. Download the Report => Download Template Only.

  5. Wait for the download to complete, then use that template. 

  6. Enter the Item Price in the second column of the excel template

  7. Upload this file into Zentail using the same template you created in step 2

Price Overrides
Promotional Pricing on Zentail

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