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How to connect SkuVault and Zentail
How to connect SkuVault and Zentail

Follow these steps to integrate your SkuVault account with Zentail

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  1. Log into Zentail, visit the Integrations page, and click on the SkuVault menu option on the left sidebar.

  2. Set each of the feed options to disable for now and click "Save Settings". Review the article on How does Zentail interact with SkuVault to determine which of these feed options should be enabled.

  3. Set the main toggle to "Production Mode" and click "Save Settings".

  4. Click Get Tokens and enter your SkuVault user credentials. Click "Save Settings".

  5. Connect each Warehouse in Zentail with the corresponding SkuVault warehouse*.

  6. Contact Zentail Support via chat or by emailing [email protected] to request that SkuVault be added as the inventory integration for each warehouse. 

*Note: Zentail will not assign any SkuVault quantity to a SKU if the correct SkuVault Warehouse Code is not entered on Zentail.

  • Go to the Zentail Warehouse(s) Page and enter the Warehouse Code exactly as it appears in SkuVault (case sensitive, found in the Admin section of SkuVault). Be sure to click "Update Warehouse".

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