Does Jet allow Returns to FBA?

At this time, Jet does not allow returns to be sent to FBA. In your Jet Partner Portal, you will need to establish a returns location. 

  1. Log in to your Jet Partner Portal
  2. Go to the Fulfillment page.
  3. If you have an FBA and a FBM warehouse, and your FBM warehouse accepts returns, make sure returns are enabled by clicking the 'gear' icon to "Edit return settings"
  4. If you only ship from FBA, and you do not already have a returns location set up, click the "New returns only location" button

Why Can't I List a Bundle to Jet?

Bundles in Zentail are Kit SKUs comprised of multiple units of a SKU or multiple underlying SKUs.  You can only list a Kit to Jet if you have a Unique Product Identifier (UPC) specifically registered by the brand/manufacturer. 

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How do I access an Export of my Sales Data for accounting purposes?

  1. Log into your Jet Partner Portal
  2. Click "Settlement" on the left sidebar menu
  3. Select the timeframe and click "Download"

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