If you received an e-mail from Jet saying that orders have not been fulfilled within 24hours please see the following steps:

Here's what to do

  1. Check your Jet Partner Portal first as sometimes these are sent out before the partner portal is updated with tracking.
  2. Check Zentail for the status of the order, you can search the Jet Channel Order ID. Below are the possible statuses:
  • Shipped: (the order has been shipped but Jet might not have received the tracking) => contact us.
  • Processing: (accepted by 3PL or FBA; waiting on them to ship) => check FBA Seller Central or your 3PL to see if there's anything holding up the order
  • Pending: (not yet routed) => scroll down to the "Comments" section on the left sidebar for this order to see if there's any error that you can resolve. If you're not able to resolve it or they are no errors => contact us.

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