Frequently Asked Questions

Does Zentail Reserve Inventory in Fishbowl?

Pending and Pending Payment Orders are sent to Fishbowl in order to reserve inventory. Please keep in mind that for pending payment orders we send "sales price" to fishbowl and per fishbowl rules this cannot be changed.

How/Where do you Cancel an Order? What Happens to the Inventory?

Orders Cancelled in Zentail are DELETED in Fishbowl and the inventory is returned to stock. To cancel an order please see this FAQ: How to Cancel an Order

How often does Zentail pull in Inventory from Fishbowl?

Zentail looks for physical inventory changes every minute

Does Zentail update the order status in Fishbowl?

Yes, the zentailstatus field on each sales order is updated when the channel updates Zentail with the new order status (see step 5 above)

Which field in Fishbowl should the SKU in Zentail match?

The ProductNumber field in Fishbowl should match the SKU in Zentail

How should Product Groups, Kits and Aliases be managed?

Product Groups, Kits and Aliases should all be created in Zentail. In addition, if you have assembled quantity in your own/merchant warehouse you should create these Kits in fishbowl as well. 

What information is sent to Fishbowl?

Changes to Product Data in SKUs in Zentail will be sent to Fishbowl. 

  • The following Product Data is sent: SKU, Title, Description, Display Length, Width, Height and Weight. 

Will all my inventory be pulled into Zentail after I integrate with Fishbowl?

During the initial connection, inventory will be pulled in for SKUs that have had an inventory change in the last year

How do you identify an order in Fishbowl?

The Order Convention in Fishbowl is: Z + Zentail Order Number

What Tax Codes are Supported?

NON  - if there was no tax charged at the point of sale
SAL - if there was tax charged at the point of sale

Please let us know if you have any more questions by reaching out to [email protected]!

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