On some of your Jet SKUs you may see the status "Under Jet Review". This is because Jet reviews each and every SKU before setting them live. Their process can be extremely slow and so this article will first explain direct you on how to get more SKUs published. To skip to steps on how to get SKUs published please scroll down. 

Jet Review Statuses

How to Publish more SKUs

  1. Complete our Prioritized Jet Review Form (FAQ)
  2. Make Sure your Jet Fulfillment Nodes are in the appropriate Zentail Warehouse (FAQ)
  3. Make Sure your SKUs have inventory and are set to list
  4. E-mail [email protected] to get more SKUs available for sale
  5. Set up your Jet Rules Engine - Basket Building, Waive Free Returns, Shipping Distance
  6. Ensure Prices are Competitive - Use the Jet Insights tool to assist you.

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