How to Publish more SKUs to Walmart

This article will describe reasons for Walmart unpublishing listings and how to get more SKUs published.

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On some of your Walmart SKU's, you may notice a status showing "Unpublished". In these cases, there's either an error on the SKU or Walmart's internal team has flagged it as part of its restricted products and brands policy. Therefore, the SKU is being processed without error by Walmart, but it is still not published on the marketplace. 

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Common Issues Related to Walmart Unpublishing:

How to Get more Listings Published

  1. The number 1 way to get more SKUs published is to adjust the price to make it competitive. 

  2. If you believe Your SKUs were unpublished in error and would like to resolve this, we recommend logging into your Walmart Seller Center account and opening a case with Walmart.

Unpublished due to Pricing

  1. For Walmart, we recommend you use our Walmart Repricer. This will make sure your price is adjusted to stay competitive with other Walmart sellers. 

  2. Ensure that you are maintaining "Price Parity" across all your marketplaces

  3. Contact Walmart to explain how your listing is competitively priced

Unpublished for Other Reasons

  1. Log in to your Seller Center

  2. Go to the SKU that is Unpublished

  3. In the Status column, hover over the "question mark" next to the status and read the pop up.

  4. Follow the instructions in the pop up to publish your SKUs

Item Status

Please reference Walmart's knowledge base article on their Restricted Products and Brands Policy

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