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How to Enable Merchant Shipping Templates for Amazon
How to Enable Merchant Shipping Templates for Amazon

Steps to take to enable multiple shipping templates for Amazon and change the merchant shipping group for given SKUs

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If you would like to start using multiple Merchant Shipping Templates for Amazon, such as Merchant Fulfilled Prime, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Integrations page

  2. Click on the Amazon tab

  3. Under Connection Options, find "Default Merchant Shipping Group Name" 

  4. Enter the shipping option that you would like to have as the default for all your SKUs listed to Amazon

To change the shipping option for a specific SKU, there are 2 methods:

For an Individual SKU:

  1. Go to the Catalog Page

  2. Search and click on the SKU

  3. Click on "Advanced Options" on the Amazon card

  4. Find the "Merchant Shipping Group Name Override" field

  5. Enter the Shipping Template Name***

In a report (Import):

  1. Go to the Import Page

  2. Create a new template with two column attributes: A) SKU and B) (Amazon) Merchant Shipping Group Name

  3. Once you create the template, click on Run Existing Report and find the template you just created under Custom Report Templates. Download the Report - Download Template Only.

  4. Wait for the download to complete, then use that template.
  5. Enter the Shipping Template Name*** in the second column of the Excel template for all SKUs you would like to fulfill using that shipping option
  6. Upload this file into Zentail through an import

***Please Enter the EXACT Shipping Template Name as you see it on Seller Central. We recommend you COPY the name from your Seller Central and PASTE it into the field directly***

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