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How to Manage Minimum and Maximum Prices
How to Manage Minimum and Maximum Prices

This article shows you how to add in a Minimum and Maximum Prices to activate Zentail's repricers.

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If you would like to use the Zentail Amazon or Walmart Repricer then you will need to add in a minimum and maximum price for all SKUs that need to be re-priced.

How to enter a Minimum and Maximum Price through the User Interface

  1. Go to your Catalog Page

  2. Click on Catalog in the top left corner

  3. Click on Price

  4. Scroll/Search for a SKU

  5. Hover over the cell next to "Min Price" and "Max Price"

  6. Click and Enter in your price in the pop-up

How to Enter a Min and Max Price in Bulk with an Import

  1. Prepare an excel spreadsheet with at least the columns shown in the screenshot below, (SKU, Min Price, Max Price). Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file.

  2. Navigate to the import page in Zentail and then click “Templateless Product Data Import” or hover over Import in the navigation bar and click “Templateless Product” there.

  3. Click “Upload File”.

  4. Select your .csv spreadsheet and then click “Next Step”. You can use the Advanced Options to use insert only, overwrite data with blanks (clear data), or create new SKUs if they don’t already exist.

  5. Wait for the import preview and report validation to complete, then click “Import”.

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