If you would like to use the Zentail Amazon or Walmart Repricer then you will need to add in a minimum and maximum price for all SKUs that need to be re-priced.

How to enter a Minimum and Maximum Price through the User Interface

  1. Go to your Catalog Page
  2. Click on Catalog in the top left corner
  3. Click on Price
  4. Scroll/Search for a SKU 
  5. Hover over the cell next to "Min Price" and "Max Price"
  6. Click and Enter in your price in the pop-up

How to Enter a Min and Max Price in Bulk with an Import

  1. Go to the Import Page
  2. Click Create New Template
  3. Enter in a Label for the Template
  4. Add the following Attributes: SKU, Min Price, Max Price and any others you require 
  5. Click create template
  6. Under custom report templates, click on the template you just created
  7. Choose Download Report
  8. Scroll down and click "start generating report"
  9. On the previous exports page, click the cloud icon to download the report once it has generated
  10. You will see a template, with the columns created above. 
  11. Enter in your Minimum and Maximum Prices for each SKU
  12. Re-Upload the CSV file into the Template you created
  13. Go to the custom reports template page, select the report and choose "Upload CSV file". 
  14. Upload the CSV file and click next step.
  15. Select the fields you want to import (Uncheck any fields not mentioned above)

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